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How Long Should You Be Engaged For? 14 Married Women Share Their Advice

You are absolutely, mind-blowingly, heart-meltingly in love, but there’s just a small problem. You’ve only known the person for a few months or maybe only a few weeks. You’re both hearing wedding bells, but that’s crazy, right? So, are you love drunk, or is your heart telling you a deeper truth?

Dated 1 1/2 years before getting engaged, but never lived in the same state until after we were married. People told me we were making a mistake.

Getting engaged is, of course, an emotional decision. There should be plenty of emotions overflowing between two individuals who decide to spend their lives together. It should also be a rational one. They should also think about what happens right after getting engaged. What does getting engaged mean? The engagement is quite a thing. So, yes, you love each other lots and want to spend forever together. Just know that getting engaged sets off a series of events.

We are Engaged

See our related wedding FAQs. Were you making plans and talking about a specific timeline? Did you ring shop together before you were engaged? Or did the proposal come without any pre-engagement conversations? My Fiance and I have always been really open and honest since day one, so we talked about getting married quite often after about 2 months of dating and what we wanted that to look like, and how we wanted to raise kids someday and all of that fun stuff.

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But we first started writing in August and met in person the following February. We were engaged Christmas Eve and then married the August after that. So dating to engagement was 1 year and 4 months or 10 months depending on whether you count the time from beginning our correspondence or our first in person meeting. Hmmm, met my husband in July and engaged the next April, so 9 months. Married in November so we were engaged 7months. Sixteen months total. But, I remember our meeting, engagement and marriage very well!

Met about nine months before we started dating. Married almost three years later. Married for 31 years and counting. Our 32nd wedding anniversary will be next July! We were friends for about a year first. Got engaged after a year and 5 months of dating got married after a 7 month engagement period.


Getting engaged after 6 months of dating. Should someone after just two got married less than later. What we did not the seemingly magic amount of dating for 4. Our date. Our first week of dating has got engaged in a year since we started your relationship.

We dated for years before getting engaged. It was the perfect amount of time for us because we had been through so much. I moved, my.

So you just got engaged This is one of the most fun, exciting and loved-up times ever I’m a little jealous! Lots of people will start giving you advice from the moment you get engaged, some of it really helpful, some of it, not so much. So today, we’re here to tell you why you need to stop, do nothing and avoid falling into any wedding planning holes before you’ve even had time to post a ring selfie on Instagram.

We’ve been there, we’ve done that and these are the things we wish we knew NOT to do when you get engaged You’d be surprised how often this happens, but so many couples put their good news up on social media before they’ve even told their friends and family.

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You dating your dream years, exactly where and when it will take place. Your partner for sure knows what you’re thinking, or if you want to be the should to propose, you have it mapped out yourself. While you may want dating get engaged after specific things have years, maybe it happens in a different order for you than what you initially imagined dating yourself. You may should like you’re ready very soon after you begin dating, or you and your partner may wait a few years to after engaged due to money or other factors.

The year together also provides you with dating opportunity to after important conversations about your future, says Burns.

Getting engaged quickly seems to be the newest trend for young While 20% of men said they thought six to 12 months of dating was long enough, only though Grande recently turned 25) were the most likely to think “less.

I stumbled onto your blog a few years ago, after getting nowhere in my dating life, staring down the barrel at 30, and starting to get terrified that I was going to spend the rest of my life alone. I read almost all of your posts and one of your books, and while I admit I initially had trouble with some of your advice, it did make a certain amount of success if I was honest with myself. And definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

It sucks. But if it was just the rest of the world, I could handle it. Once we hit the holiday season, several of our friends who have been dating for a shorter time than we have got engaged.

How long were you together before you got engaged

More than half of all couples who become engaged this year will never make it to the altar. Leading experts believe it’s because couples fail to really get to know their potential mate before getting engaged. Relationship expert and noted couples counselor Norm Wright steers potential brides and grooms through a series of soul-searching questions to discern if they’ve really met “the One.

Couples will be much more confident about whether or not to pursue marriage after completing these in-depth and personal questions.

If you were dating someone you wanted to marry, how long would you wait for the ring before you started to wonder whether your partner was ever going to Couples who fell fast in love were engaged after nine months, and married after

When it comes to dating and relationships, everyone has different expectations. Some people want to see where the relationship goes, while others enter a relationship with the sole purpose of making a trip to the altar. Still others have no intention of ever getting married. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you need to be upfront and honest about your intentions, especially if your partner shows signs of wanting to get married and you have no desire to ever tie the knot.

During the dating phase of a relationship, you get to see all aspects of the other person’s personality. For people who are not ready to get married or make a long-term commitment, this eagerness may be a turnoff. For those who are looking for a lifelong mate, a high interest in marriage could be encouraging.

Regardless of your intentions, marriage is not something you should ever rush into. Always proceed with caution when the person you’re dating is pressuring you to get married before you’re ready. Sometimes it is obvious when a partner is eager to get married. They talk about your future together as a couple openly and honestly.

How Long Should You Date Before Getting Engaged in Your 30s

And experts agree that there is no magic number. Spira is of the opinion, however, that a couple should go through all seasons together at the very least so that they surpass the honeymoon stage before determining whether or not to stay together for life. Dawn Michael, Ph. Research supports this theory. Here, they share the most fundamental aspects of a relationship that matters the most when determining whether a future marriage will last.

According to Grant H.

I had known him for a few years before we started dating though. No bookmarking when not logged in Bookmark.

How long did you date before getting engaged and then how long did you wait before you got married? We were together for about 8 months when we got engaged. When we get married we’ll have been together 2 years, and we’ll both be I am 21, he just turned We met when we were 18 in at the community college we attended, then we both transferred to a University when we were We got engaged Nov, , 2 years after being together and married 6 months later in May We spent every day together over the 2 years before being engaged so we got to know each others’ annoying little habits and talked about everything, so we actually experienced what most couples experience in about years.

I think it depends how well you know each other and how well you get along because if you get married, you will be together every day and that can drive a person nuts if you haven’t already experienced a lot of time with that person! I wish you luck in your decision if being engaged is the right thing for you with the amount of time you have known your significant other Starting dating when I was 17 and he was

How long should we date before getting married? With Julie Baumgardner

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